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Our Services

Sonic Branding
Dialogue Editorial 

Fully Filled M&E

Sound Design


Music Production & Recording



Loop Group 

Audiobook Recording

Sound Effects Editorial

Foley Recording & Editing

Game Music & Sound Design

Podcast Dialogue Cleanup & Editorial

Stereo Up-Mixing 

5.1 Surround Mixing

Dolby Atmos Mixing (coming soon)

Wavy Lines

Synergy Sound Post Audio also offers a stereo to 5.1 surround up-mixing service from your existing 2 channel, stereo audio content. Up-mix your stereo files to an exciting and full 5.1 surround sound mix! Your newly up-mixed 5.1 multi channel mix will allow your audiovisual content to screen at film festivals, theaters and most importantly allow your content to air on NETFLIX and other streaming services which require 5.1 surround mixes with strict quality control and specific sound specs.


The Work

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Joe Camareno,  Producer / Director (DGA) Celtino Entertainment Group

"high work ethic which makes him the first call”

Erick Szot, Owner, Producer, Show-runner of Gym Shorts

"the one consistent and positive aspect of the post production”

Andres Irias, Miami based Director/ Writer/ Producer

"his execution is one of pristine professionalism”

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