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Our Story


Welcome to Synergy Sound Post Audio, located in the South Eastern United States. We’re a complete post audio production studio with industry leading hardware equipment & cutting edge software technologies. Our sound library consists of over a terabyte of sound effects and sampled musical instruments from around the globe. Let award winning Synergy Sound Post Audio bring your stories to life with pure sonic excellence by providing your production with a memorable score, creative sound design and an immersive mix that sculpts the voice of your brand and visuals into a captivating and breathtaking work of auditory art. 


Synergy Sound Post Audio is a bilingual business (English/Spanish) providing exceptional sound post for the most inspiring storytellers and filmmakers worldwide. We specialize and provide services for audio-visual projects ranging from feature films, television series, shorts, movie trailers, commercials, branded content, jingles, radio ads, podcasts, audio books, documentaries, PSAs, music videos, explainer videos, ADR voice-over, Foley, video games, mixed media and trailers which comply with both domestic and international distribution deliverables. 


Simply put… there is no medium we don’t work on. 

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